About us

There are many organizations tackling some of the tough challenges that face us around the world.  Funding for them can be a stumbling block, though, and so it's our mission to help.

We source good coffee from good people and offer it to you, so that you can appreciate a tasty brew while supporting worthy causes.  Unless otherwise specified, 20% of proceeds from every package shipped to you is donated to the cause you've chosen to support.

We work cooperatively with a growing network of roasters around the world.  You can expect high-quality coffee from artisans who have established ethical relationships with the farmers who provide them with beans to roast.  Coffee is roasted by experts local to you, with their roastery credited on the packages they prepare.  You'll be able to see who roasted your beans and where they came from.

Our Advisory Board members volunteer their time, bringing their diverse experience to bear on steering our efforts and doing good in the world as we grow.  You can read about them, below.


Advisory Board Members

Chris Irving

Chris has experience that spans the spectrum of software engineering, from in-the-trenches development, to engineering, architecture, management, and directorship. Unafraid, he dives into Big Data, bending it to his will.  In a capacity that goes beyond these realms, though, is his keen ability to penetrate to the heart of the toughest problems, assess them astutely, separating key issues from incidentals, and establish appropriate courses of action.  All that, and his notable wit and charm, too.

Kendra Kincade

Speaker, philanthropist, columnist, air traffic controller, award winner, and now Honorary Air Force Colonel.  The challenges that she has overcome have forged Kendra into a passionate, capable, and inspiring presence.  As the founder and Executive Director of Elevate Aviation, a venture dedicated to uniting and empowering women in aviation, she strives to provide opportunities for women of all ages to attain knowledge and training in all of its varied professions.

Daniel Lindenberger

Daniel is a cultural creative who founded Banging Rocks to use Virtual and Augmented Reality for positive societal impact. Based out of Vancouver's VR / AR Hub, he thrives on emergence and collaboration, particularly when he’s able to bring his facilitative, programming, entrepreneurial and community building skills to bear.

Dr. Jennifer Leger (Dingman)

Jennifer brings her passion for community service, community development, science outreach and education to her role as the Executive Director for the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.  In this capacity, she guides the organization to meet its strategic objectives around conservation, sustainable development, and capacity building.  Not only does she have a strong scientific background, but also research and project management experience spanning multiple domains, including municipal and federal government, NGOs and academia.

Patrick E. Meyer

Since 2013 Patrick has been Executive Director of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Canada’s national arts service organization for the visual arts. Patrick has built his career in change management using his unique blend of talents solely to benefit socially-responsible businesses. He has lead several businesses to successfully transition to sustainable business models ensuring investor earnings while securing social and environmental health. Patrick’s degrees are in Business and Philosophy.

Marie Sbrocca

Secret weapon.