Lawren's Brew

The namesake for this release, Lawren Harris, formed the Group of Seven with J.E.H. MacDonald, and was one of the founders of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in 1941, which carries on to this day, offering education, exhibition and communication in the Visual Arts, as well as supporting and promoting a broad spectrum of artists, from emerging to professional.

When you buy a pound of Lawren's Brew whole roasted coffee beans, you are supporting the arts and artists in Canada.  Over 80% of earnings before taxes will be sent to the FCA on your behalf.  You are helping them to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians.  

The FCA is able to provide you with a charitable donation receipt for a portion of the purchase price, if you would like one for tax purposes.

Stayed tuned to this page -- there will be some "thank you" tokens of appreciation available to you, tied to each contribution level.  Not only will they be nice to have, but they will also help to further support the arts in Canada!